Electric Fishing Reels

Electric Fishing Reels
Electric Fishing Reels
Electric Fishing Reels


Electric Fishing Reels

Precision Auto Reels

Precision Auto Reels

The Finest Electric Fishing Reels on the Market Today!

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Electric Fishing Reels

Precision Auto Reels are powerful, motorized, electric fishing reels that convert conventional fishing reels into tireless cranking machines. 

Are your Arms and Hands sore from cranking the big ones from the deep depths or from the smoking runs?

How about reeling in the teasers or kites?  Not with the power assisted Precision Auto Reels! 

Precision Auto Reels ~ Electric Fishing Reels

No more stories about how the big one that got away.  The Precision Auto Reel still requires the angler to have the skill and finesse of fighting the fish, but not the cranking!  The drag must be set on the reel, and the rod is bent by the fish.  The battle is on!  You need to try this unique style of fishing.  Thousands have and they are hooked. 

The Precision Auto Reel utilizes permanent magnet motors, harden gears, heavy duty silver contact push button switches, tinned marine grade wire for more power, quiet, and long life.  The one-of-a-kind molded rubber coating exterior provides a comfy grip and is highly water resistant. These simple units attach to Penn 113H, 114, 114H, 115, 340, 345, and Diawa 400 and 450 reels in minutes with the correct mounting kit.  Simply put Precision Auto Reels are the Worlds Finest Electric Fishing Reels!

For more information on the Precision Auto Reels or our other products, please go to www.precisionautoreels.com or email precisionautoreels@gmail.com or call 252-353-8777. 

We at Precision Auto Reels are fisherman and look forward to helping you catch more fish!

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Electric Fishing Reels